Raw Memory: Gallery 44 Members Show Coming to Contact

Raw Memory Gallery 44 Members Contact Show at Gallery 1313

Raw Memory is a group exhibition by members of artist-run Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography. This year 30 photographers are taking part, and the exhibition will take place in two parts:

April 27 – May 8, 2011
Opening April 28, 7-10 p.m.

Kelly Lamorie

Kelly Lamorie

Nelly Akerman-Singer
Marvin Antonio
Randi Apple
Christian Badanjak
Linda Briskin
Alex Coley
Peter Dewdney
L.E. Glazer
Deborah Kanfer
Kelly Lamorie
Richard Lush
Kye Marshall
Christine Marshall-Smith
Paulette Michayluk
Judy Ruzylo

May 11 – May 22, 2011
Opening May 12, 7-10 p.m.

Laura Horne

Laura Horne

Chris Blanchenot
Robert Caspary
Showwei Chu
Alex Coley
Keith Davidson
Dennis Duncan
Thomas Hlavacek
Laura Horne
Wendy Jones
Jack Martin
Tim Neesam
Paul Osadchuk
Anuta Skrypnychenko
Roz Tepper
Robert Teteruck

In Raw Memory, members of artist-run Gallery 44 Centre of Contemporary Photography, examine the tension between perceiving and recalling the world outside and the world within, utilizing a variety of styles and approaches, including both digital and chemistry-based processes. Both the eye and the mind edit the world, and what remains in art after time passes can retain or reshape what was. Gallery 44‘s group shows at Gallery 1313 have become a CONTACT tradition.

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